Quality and technology 
We strive to always give you the best .
For over 25 years Metalift has worked in this sector and thanks to the constant search for quality we have created a truly global distribution network reaching everywhere in the world.
We take people and whatever they produce higher.
By combining the most advanced technological solutions with utmost respect for the environment, solid and reliable building skills and the elegance of Italian design, Metalift products are the synthesis of Made in Italy excellence.
A solid foundation to build upon.
Metalift was founded in 2000 by a team of technicians and designers with broad experience in this sector. The synergies generated by the union of their skills made it possible to create a highly specialized company.
When you aim high, you get far.
Our lifts are installed in homes, offices and shops around the world, from Europe to Australia. This is thanks to our production department focussed on excellence and a highly reliable network of partners.
We're always on top of things.
No company can succeed without a solid organization, able to expertly manage every production step: from design to implementation, from marketing to after-sales service.
Designed to last.
Metalift products are specifically designed to ensure maximum reliability with minimum maintenance costs. Our quality system begins with the selection of suppliers and raw materials, continues in our testing area equipped with the latest technologies and continues even after installation, with our technical support always ready to respond.
We will take you higher and higher.
We are ready to always offer high quality products and services.