Designed for installers.
Metalift comes from a huge experience as first as lifts installators. This experience let us help you during the installation.
Always at your side.
We control every step in the production right from the design, to guarantee maximum reliability to our lifts. And we support installers in every step, establishing a relationship of collaboration that continues even after installation and commissioning.
A fully reliable product
Our long term experience along with our suppliers let us have a reliable product. Our test area where we make trainings and evolution give us a chance to have a constant improvement of our products and a constant research of the latest technologies.
A fully safe and secure installation
To install a Metalift homelift is easy and secure. Coming form an experience as installers we always focus on the installation process as one of the most important part. Have a clean and quick installation will be very easy with Metalift.
Technical support
Metalift have in the support his most important flagship. We give constant support to the installers during the installation thanks to the modern technologies for the communication it will be instant and clear. Our suppliers give direct helps to the installers and we make traininings and conference

Each step is under control


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