A lift for every need.

Our products can be installed in houses or business premises, inside or outside – we can customise everything: each room can have its own Metalift system.

Electric-powered lift, low consumption and quick installation, ideal for any height.
Elegant, silent, good for both indoor and outdoor use, they can take you comfortably to any room of the house.
Solid and adaptable, a perfect alternative to the traditional masonry lift shaft, for indoor or outdoor use.
Last-generation, electric-powered.
Sturdy and with a high capacity to make your job easier.

Our products


Gearless electric Home Lifts
The latest generation low power consumption electric Gearless Home lift

Meta 500

Hydraulic homelifts
The high capacity homelift

Meta 250

Hydraulic homelifts
The perfect homelift for your home with capacity up to 300 Kg


Electric-Traction homelifts
The quietest and fastest to install in its class
Your custom-tailored elevator
Metalift elevators are never the same: the wide range of colours, finishes and materials available combined with the wide offer of accessories, allow you to freely choose your style and adapt the deisgn of your lift to your place.